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Andrews’ group research is centered on understanding how the serotonin neurotransmitter system modulates complex behaviors including anxiety, mood, stress responsiveness, and learning and memory. The expression and function of the serotonin transporter is studied in human peripheral blood cells and lymphoblast cell lines, and in genetic and pharmacologic mouse models. Therapeutics, drugs of abuse, neurotoxins, and environmental factors are used to probe the molecular basis of serotonin system function associated with the etiology and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders and predictive personalized medicine. We focus on investigating altered serotonin system function, particularly as it arises in postnatal development, to modulate mood and anxiety-related brain circuitry. Voltammetry and microdialysis methods are developed to investigate serotonin neurotransmission in vivo. Neuronal architectures and the expression of key proteins regulated by serotonin are studied using autoradiography, immunocytochemistry, RT‑qPCR, ELISA, and Western blotting. Nanomaterials functionalized with serotonin and other neurotransmitters have been designed for fundamental studies on small molecule recognition by native and nonnative binding partners (aptamers) and for the development of in vivo nanobiosensors and functionally directed proteomics.

Research Projects Techniques used
Developmental influence of SERT on behavior
Fast cyclic voltammetry, in vivo microdialysis, chronoamperometry, Behavioral testing (elevated plus maze, open field, forced swim, social interaction, Lashley maze, sucrose consumption

SERT expression &function in peripheral blood cells: Prediction of antidepressant response
Chronoamperometry with boron-doped diamond electrodes, flow cytometry, RT-qPCR

Neurochip for in vivo nanobiosensing and proteomics QCM, SPR, Fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy, AFM, FT-IR and Ellipsometry

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